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Use Argos with Buildkite

Configure Buildkite to send screenshots to Argos visual testing platform.

1. Install

Install the @argos-cli package from npm:

npm i --save-dev @argos-cli

2. Set ARGOS_TOKEN as CI secret

Argos uses a token called ARGOS_TOKEN to identify to which repository the screenshots you send are related to.

  • Step 1: Get the token value
    On Argos, go to the repository you want to set and click on the "settings" tab. Store the ARGOS_TOKEN value.

  • Step 2: Create a secret in your CI
    In your Buildkite pipeline, go to Settings -> Steps -> Environment Variables. Set the ARGOS_TOKEN as an environment variable and paste the value you stored in the previous step.

If you are not comfortable with storing secrets, read the Buildkite documentation.

3. Upload the screenshots

Add the following command to your CI workflow to upload screenshots to Argos:

npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots


# 👉 Insert the steps required to take screenshots

- label: "Upload screenshots to"
command: npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots

For a repository examples, check out our GitHub repository.


Congratulations, now that Argos is installed, your app screenshots will be uploaded to Argos by your CI. You are ready to start the visual testing routine!