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Capture Screenshots

The first step in visual testing involves capturing screenshots during End-To-End (E2E) tests of your application.

All modern testing tools provide a native command to capture screenshots. Use these commands to capture screenshots of your pages and protect them from visual regressions.

Enhancing Screenshot Stability‚Äč

Native screenshot commands can sometimes struggle with stability issues, especially when dealing with resources like images or fonts that need to be loaded.

Argos integrations offer commands to improve screenshot stability. The argosScreenshot command will wait for all resources to load before capturing screenshots. Additionally, these integrations allow selective hiding of elements, leading to cleaner and more accurate test results.

We highly recommend exploring these integrations into your testing framework of choice.

If you can't find your testing framework in the list above, feel free to reach out to us in our Discord channel for assistance.

Next step

The next step is to integrate the Argos CLI command within your Continuous Integration (CI) workflow. This command will automatically upload your captured screenshots to Argos for further review and analysis.