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Use Argos with GitLab CI

Configure GitLab CI to send screenshots to Argos visual testing platform.

1. Install

Install the @argos-cli package from npm:

npm i --save-dev @argos-cli

2. Set ARGOS_TOKEN as CI secret

Argos uses a token called ARGOS_TOKEN to identify to which repository the screenshots you send are related to.

  • Step 1: Get the token value
    On Argos, go to the repository you want to set and click on the "settings" tab. Store the ARGOS_TOKEN value.

  • Step 2: Create a secret in your CI
    In your GitLab repository, go to Settings > CI/CD and then expand the Variables section. Set the ARGOS_TOKEN as an environment variable and paste the value you stored in the previous step.

If you are not comfortable with storing secret, read Gitlab CI documentation about adding a CI/CD variable to a project.

3. Upload the screenshots

Add the following command to your CI workflow to upload screenshots to Argos:

npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots


# 👉 Insert the steps required to take screenshots

# Upload screenshots to
- npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots


Congratulations, now that Argos is installed, your app screenshots will be uploaded to Argos by your CI. You are ready to start the visual testing routine!