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Introduction to Argos

Argos is a developer tool crafted to detect and examine visual changes in your pull requests. It enhances the developer experience by providing an efficient solution to track changes across your pages on various browsers and screen resolutions.

How it works

1. Capture screenshot

Integrate screenshot capturing within your E2E tests.

2. Upload screenshots

Integrate the Argos CLI command within your CI workflow.

3. Review changes

Evaluate changes in Argos app to validate the GitHub status check.

Why using Argos?

Visual Testing Made Easy

Argos make easy to monitor and review the visual changes introduced by a pull request on your app. Avoid bugs, across various browsers and screen resolutions, and ensure a high level of software quality.

Streamlined Developer Workflow

We understand the importance of a developer's routine, which is why Argos has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the development workflow.

A status check is displayed for each GitHub (or GitLab) PR, notifying when visual changes have been detected. Review and approve the changes within the Argos app to resolve the status check.

Resources and support

Apart from this documentation, we offer code examples for popular stacks and provide high-quality support on the Argos Discord server.

Your feedback and suggestions for new features are always welcome!

Getting started

Kickstart your journey with Argos by following our simple installation guide.