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Argos is a visual testing app that detects and alerts developers to visual changes on pull requests on GitHub. By reviewing changes in Argos, you can avoid visual regressions and confidently ship new features.

You can see Argos in action on the demo build.

Argos key features


Take screenshots of a website's whole pages or individual components. No matter the language, browser, or resolution, Argos detects the screenshots' visual changes to prevent your pull requests against visual regression.

Integrates with Your Workflow

Argos will notify you of the comparison result through a GitHub check status. You can click on the direct link to review the visual diffs of the screenshots in Argos.

Optimized Design

We designed Argos to provide an overview of all screenshot diffs, as well as a side-by-side interface for comparing a new screenshot with its baseline counterparts.

Powered by Continuous Integration (CI)

CI feeds Argos with screenshots taken during end-to-end tests, protecting your applications from visual regressions on every pull request.

The Birth of Argos

We created Argos as a devX tool for our frontend team with two primary goals: preventing visual regressions across a large codebase for a website and ensuring UI stability on all browsers and resolutions.

It quickly spread beyond our team and became a must-have app for every developer in our company, as preventing visual regressions is a concern for everyone.

Since then, we have installed Argos on every product we have worked on, and the development teams have all loved it. In 2022, with over 10 million screenshot diffs performed each month, we decided to take things to the next level and transform our internal tool into a commercial product.

About us

Argos was originally created by Greg Bergé - CEO of Smooth Code, and Olivier Tassinari - CEO of MUI.

It is commercialized by Smooth Code, a French web agency specializing in JavaScript & React development. We have worked with a variety of French startups and corporations such as Doctolib, Le Monde, Material UI, Welcome to the Jungle, PayFit, and others.

We have also published several popular JavaScript open-source libraries: