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Use Argos to catch Visual Bugs

Once you've successfully installed Argos, it starts receiving a batch of screenshots each time you create a pull request or update your reference branch.

GitHub/GitLab check status

With Argos in place, your pull requests will feature a new status check that indicates whether visual changes have been detected.

GitHub waiting check status

Check status is ❌ Waiting for your decision

This signifies that potential changes have been detected and GitHub is awaiting your approval. Click on the Details link to review changes using the Argos app.

Check status is ✅ Pass

This indicates no changes have been detected, and you can proceed confidently to merge your pull request.

Reviewing visual changes

Clicking on the Details link in the GitHub check status will lead you to the Argos build page.

Argos build example

On this page, you'll find all the screenshots generated by your pull request (right), juxtaposed with their prior versions from the reference branch (left). The side-by-side UI has been meticulously designed to help you spot visual changes (highlighted in red) quickly and verify if the frontend conforms to the expected results.

To navigate through the screenshots, you can use the sidebar, navigation buttons, or your keyboard.

Tip: Press ? to display the list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Rejecting a Build

Should you identify a visual bug or encounter a screenshot not matching your expectations, click on the Review changes button and select 👎 Reject changes. The build status will update to 🔴 Changes rejected, and GitHub will be informed of the rejection.

Following a rejection, you should commit a rectifying change to your pull request.

Approving a Build

If the screenshots align with your expectations, click on the Review changes button and select 👍 Approve changes. The build status will update to 🟢 Changes approved, and GitHub will be notified of the approval.

After approving the changes, you can confidently merge your pull request.

Join the Argos Community

Congratulations on mastering the art of monitoring visual changes in your development workflow! To continue expanding your knowledge, suggest new features, or stay updated on Argos news, we encourage you to join the Argos Discord channel.