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About us

Founded by tech visionaries, Argos pioneers the future of visual testing, ensuring no regression in UI changes.

History of Argos

Argos was originally created by Greg Bergé - CEO of Argos, and Olivier Tassinari - CEO of MUI.

In 2016, they were working together at Doctolib and they had a problem. They wanted to be sure that they don't introduce any regression when editing components or CSS.

After a benchmark of existing solutions, no one fits their needs. So they decided to create their own, Argos was born. It quickly spread beyond their team and became an essential tool at Doctolib. Taking a screenshot was much faster than writing a complex test!

In 2022, Doctolib became the biggest French unicorn startup and MUI the most used React UI library in the world. Both companies uses Argos every day. More than 70M screenshots were compared every month! That's why Greg Bergé and his co-worker Jeremy Sfez decided to take things to the next level.

We fixed some issues, wrote a documentation, created integration to make Argos the best visual testing product on the market. Early 2023 Argos became available as a self-onboarding SaaS application on GitHub Marketplace. More than 30 teams use it every day.

Today Argos is a powerful visual testing tool but our vision is much bigger. We want to change the way of testing app, making it simple and provide tools to setup the entire stack. We believe that automated testing should be really automated and not semi-automated. We also believe that flaky UX means flaky tests and that avoiding flakies comes with building stable apps.

A word about us

Argos commercialized by Smooth Code, a French web agency specializing in JavaScript & React development. We have worked with a variety of French startups and corporations such as Doctolib, Le Monde, Material UI, Welcome to the Jungle, PayFit, and others.

We have also published several popular JavaScript open-source libraries: