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Why Argos?

Choose Argos for seamless UI verification within PR reviews: Simplify code reviews, detect regressions, and ensure UI consistency across devices and browsers.

Key values

  • Pull Request Clarity — Simplifies code reviews by showcasing visual changes.
  • Regression Detection — Quickly spots unexpected UI shifts.
  • Low-Maintenance Testing — Simplifies E2E tests, reducing upkeep.

Key Use Cases

  • Confidence in Deployment — Increases assurance in delivering bug-free updates.
  • Responsive Conformity — Confirms feature consistency across various screen sizes.
  • Browser Consistency — Maintains uniformity of display across different browsers.
  • Accidental Change Detection — Prevent unintended changes in rarely-modified pages.
  • Design System Updates — Precisely assesses visual impacts of design system changes.

The Argos Difference

  • Integration — Directly embeds into GitHub and GitLab, enhancing the pull request process.
  • Optimized Screenshot Quality — Leverages integrations for reliable screenshot capture.
  • Premium Support — Assistance via Discord for help, feature requests and bug fixes.
  • Affordable Professional Tool — High-end product at a starting price of $30/month.

And other features...

  • Quick Setup — Install Argos into your project in 3 minutes.
  • Open Source and Community-Driven — Argos champions open-source and transparently.
  • Developed by Experts — Crafted and continually enhanced by seasoned developers.