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About flaky tests

Navigate the challenge of flaky tests with Argos: Discover strategies to enhance test reliability and promote accessibility for a stable visual testing environment.

Emphasis on Accessibility

At Argos, we advocate for accessibility-focused end-to-end testing. Enhancing accessibility not only supports users with disabilities but also strengthens test consistency.

Common Causes

Flakiness often stems from:

  • Dynamic Content: Flakiness due to content changes, like ads or user-generated content.
  • Asynchronous Loading: Inconsistent element or style loading affecting visuals.
  • Rendering Differences: Browser or device variations altering visual output.
  • External Dependencies: Reliance on external systems causing variability.
  • Animations and Transitions: Unhandled animations leading to different visual states.
  • Resolution and Scaling: Screen resolution or scaling differences impacting visuals.

Solutions involve identifying and addressing these root causes.


We don't offer a "flaky test ignore" option, aligning with our ethos that addressing issues is preferable to bypassing them.