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Argos Command Line Interface (CLI)

Use the Argos CLI for seamless screenshot uploads to our visual testing platform, ideally integrated into your CI workflow.

You can access @argos-ci/cli through our npm package. The source code is available on our GitHub repository.


npm i --save-dev @argos-ci/cli


Your configuration requirements may vary depending on the CI you use. Typically, you'll need to set ARGOS_TOKEN as a environment variable (ie. secret).

Note: You can also specify the token with the --token=<your-repository-token> argument. However, for security reasons, we recommend using an environment variable instead.

Upload Command

Use the upload command to upload screenshots stored in your ./screenshots directory.

npm exec -- argos upload ./screenshots

Debug mode

You can enable debug mode by setting the DEBUG environment variable.

DEBUG=@argos-ci/core npm exec -- argos upload ./screenshots

Help Command

To view a list of available options, use the argos help command.

npm exec -- argos help upload