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Integrating Argos with GitHub

Leverage the power of Argos by seamlessly integrating it with GitHub.

Advantages of GitHub Integration

  • Log in effortlessly via GitHub.
  • Access to GitHub repositories
  • Get Argos feedback on your pull requests.

Connecting a GitHub Repository to Argos

Argos has a dedicated GitHub App to connect to your repositories and provide real-time feedback on pull requests.

1. Install Argos' GitHub App

Visit the Argos app page on GitHub and click "Configure". Choose the organization for Argos installation.

In Argos, go to Team projects, then click on Create a new Project. Select Continue with GitHub, pick your GitHub organization and the desired repository. The new project will appear in your projects list.

Connecting a Argos project to a GitHub Repository

In Argos, navigate to Project Settings > Connect Git Repository and select the desired GitHub repository for association.

Update the repositories list shared with Argos

  1. Head to the Argos app page on GitHub and select "Configure".
  2. Select the organization you aim to adjust.
  3. Under "Repository access" select "Only select repositories" and choose the repositories you want to share with Argos.
    Argos build example