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Argos Helpers

Enhance your visual tests with Argos SDKs: Use data-visual-test attributes to manage dynamic content, ensuring consistent, flakiness-free screenshots.


For tailored visual testing, the data-visual-test attributes provide control over how elements appear in Argos screenshots. This can be especially useful for obscuring or modifying elements with dynamic content, like dates.

  • [data-visual-test="transparent"]: Renders the element transparent (visiblity: hidden).
  • [data-visual-test="removed"]: Removes the element from view (display: none).
  • [data-visual-test="blackout"]: Masks the element with a blackout effect.
  • [data-visual-test-no-radius]: Strips the border radius from the element.

Example: Using a helper attribute to hide a div from the captured screenshot:

<div id="clock" data-visual-test="transparent">...</div>