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Integrating Argos with GitLab

Leverage the power of Argos by seamlessly integrating it with GitLab.

Advantages of GitLab Integration

  • Log in effortlessly via GitLab
  • Access to GitLab repositories
  • Get Argos feedback on your pull requests.

Connecting a GitLab Repository

By leveraging GitLab's Personal Access Token, Argos communicates via a dedicated GitLab Bot User. This setup ensures direct feedback on your pull requests.

1. Generate a Personal Access Token in GitLab

  • Go to GitLab tokens settings.
  • Click "Add new token".
  • Set an expiration date 12 months ahead (maximum allowed).
  • Click "Create personal access token" and then copy the generated token.

2. Configure the Generated Token in Argos

On Argos, navigate to Team Settings > GitLab, enter the generated token and save the changes.

In Argos, go to Team projects, then click on Create a new Project. Select Continue with GitLab, pick your GitLab organization and the desired repository. The new project will appear in your projects list.

Connecting a Argos project to a GitLab Repository

First, ensure the GitLab Personal Access Token has been configured correctly

In Argos, navigate to Project Settings > Connect Git Repository and select the desired GitHub repository for association.