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Argos WebdriverIO SDK

Integrating Argos with your WebdriverIO tests to enable visual testing on your application.

Get started

Please refer to our Quickstart guide to get started with Argos and WebdriverIO.

API Overview

argosScreenshot(browser, name[, options])

  • browser - A WebdriverIO.Browser instance
  • name - The screenshot name; must be unique. If ends by .png we treat it as a path.
  • options - Options
  • options.mask - Specify ares that should be masked when the screenshot is taken. Masked elements will be overlaid with a pink box #FF00FF (customized by maskColor) that completely covers its bounding box.
  • options.maskColor - Specify the color of the overlay box for masked elements, in CSS color format. Default color is pink #FF00FF.

Additional Resources