Introducing Playwright Test Debugging

Visual Testing
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Argos provides the developer tools to debug tests and detect visual regressions.
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Why do you need Argos?

What is Visual Testing?

Visual testing ensures that a UI's appearance matches its intended design, capturing and highlighting any visual deviations from expected elements like layout, colors, and text.

While E2E testing confirms functionality, visual testing with Argos ensures the UI looks right to the user, acting as a specialized tool to maintain visual quality alongside E2E tests.

The Benefits of Visual Testing with Argos

Detect Visual Regressions

Detect and prevent UI issues that could negatively impact user perception and experience.

Enhance Quality Assurance

Integrate visual checks to complement functional tests, covering more ground with automated precision.

Streamline Development

Facilitate faster feedback and iteration by catching visual issues early in the development process.

Scalability Refined

With Argos, there's no need to commit screenshots. Visual testing becomes a seamless part of your CI flow.

Visual Testing

Don't fix bugs, avoid them.


Setup Visual Testing, now.

Integrate Argos in your Testing Framework using our SDK, you are ready to go!

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Argos — 1 change — waiting for your decision

First-class developer experience.

Crafted by engineers for engineers, Argos seamlessly merges pixel-perfect design with unparalleled precision, embodying both aesthetic grace and peak performance.

Natural keyboard navigation.

Argos review app has keyboard shortcuts for every action you need. Don’t click, review.

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Built to be fast.

Nobody likes waiting for tests. With Argos, you won't have to. It is just fast.

Open source, pure and true.

Embracing community collaboration and transparency, Argos is 100% open source.

A community of developers.

Join our vibrant developer community to share your feedback, get help or submit a feature!

End-to-end tests debugging

See, Replay, Resolve.
Debug CI failures instantly.

Failure screenshots

Troubleshoot tests effortlessly.

Screenshots of test failures happening on CI are automatically captured and visible in Argos.

Online Trace Viewer

Time travel in your tests.

Playwright traces offer a comprehensive snapshot of your test's breakdown.

Meet the future of Visual Testing.

Cross-browser testing

Capture visuals seamlessly across every browser for thorough cross-platform testing.

Responsive design

Test across various resolutions: ensuring every detail is captured without missing a thing.

Test context

From a single screenshot, obtain resolution, link to test file, browser, and every other detail you need.

Screenshot stabilization

Argos' stabilization tech halts animations to reduce false-positives and ensure consistent rendering.

Natural zoom

Experience a seamless, Figma-style zoom transition between diffs for intuitive visual comparisons.

Difference grouping

Similar differences are grouped together for streamlined and efficient review.

Smart baseline detection

Argos selects the optimal baseline branch for precise screenshot comparisons.

Pull request comments

Pull request comments display summaries of visual differences directly in your workflow.

Flaky test detection

Instantly identify flaky screenshots, alerting you to potential inconsistencies in your tests.

Upgrade Playwright with Argos

Failure Screeenshots

Check failure screenshots from your CI tests directly in Argos.

Online Trace Viewer

“Time travel” through your failing tests with Playwright Traces.

Visual Testing on CI

Upgrade Playwright Visual Testing by running them on CI.
Discover the future of Playwright testing

Integrate Argos today.

Argos provides SDK integrations for test frameworks and CI/CD workflows. If you can capture screenshots, Argos is ready for you.