Supercharge your Playwright Tests


Argos elevates your testing experience with CI Debugging and Enhanced Visual Testing.

It's time for a new Playwright experience.

Explore how Argos streamlines your test debugging with a single click
and upgrades Visual Testing to the next level.

CI Test Debugging

Debug your test failures in one click.

Failure Screeenshots

Check failure screenshots from your CI tests directly in Argos. No extra steps, just immediate clarity where you need it most.

Online Trace Viewer

“Time travel” through your failing tests with Playwright Traces. Explore what happened in a test in one click.

User interface showing a Playwright trace
Enhanced Visual Testing

Scale Visual Testing to the next level.

Visual Testing on CI

No need to run tests locally or commit screenshots. Argos runs visual tests on CI, so you don’t have to.

Precision at First Glance

Dive into a crystal-clear UI that gives a complete overview of visual changes to review diffs instantly.

Eliminate Flakiness

Ensure stability and consistency in the screenshots captured. Fonts, images, animations, loaders, everything is just stable.

Argos UI showing a visual test diff

Get started fast.

Install package
npm install --save-dev @argos-ci/playwright
Setup Argos in your Playwright config
import { defineConfig } from "@playwright/test";

export default defineConfig({
  reporter: [
    // Use "dot" reporter on CI, "list" otherwise (Playwright default).
    process.env.CI ? ["dot"] : ["list"],
    // Add Argos reporter. Upload on CI only.
    ["@argos-ci/playwright/reporter", { uploadToArgos: !!process.env.CI }],

  // Setup test debugging on CI.
  use: {
    trace: 'on-first-retry',
    screenshot: "only-on-failure",
Checkout our quickstart guide for more information.
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