New updates and improvements to Argos.

Accelerate visual testing with our new Change Highlighter

Change Highlighter marking differences in screenshots

Introducing the Argos Change Highlighter, a vertical bar that marks zones of differences, designed to streamline and enhance your visual testing experience.

  • Quick detection: The vertical Change Highlighter bar makes it easy to identify minor changes without scanning the entire screenshot.
  • Efficiency boost: Speed up your visual testing reviews by focusing only on the highlighted differences.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Ensure that no small change goes unnoticed, improving the reliability of your visual tests.

The Argos Change Highlighter is available now for all plans.

Save time and resources with partial re-runs in GitHub Actions

Partial re-runs of GitHub Actions Playwright tests job

We finally introduce support for partial re-runs in GitHub Actions, a significant enhancement to streamline your CI/CD processes with Argos.

  • Time savings: No more waiting for entire workflows to complete. Re-run only the steps that failed or need updating.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduce computational costs by avoiding unnecessary re-execution of successful steps.
  • Ecology concern: Lower energy consumption by minimizing redundant processing, contributing to a greener environment.

To benefit from this feature, update your SDK. If you don't use Playwright, set the ARGOS_PARALLEL_INDEX environment variable in your GitHub Actions workflow.

Enhanced Screenshot Quality: Crisp, Clear, and Fast

Before and after quality improvements

We are excited to announce major improvements to the quality of screenshots in Argos, ensuring your visual testing results are clearer and more accessible than ever.

Key Enhancements

  • Lossless PNG Compression: Preserve the highest quality and detail in your screenshots with no artifacts.
  • Sharp Display: Using image-rendering: pixelated at 1.5x zoom level for clear visuals even when zoomed in.
  • Fast Rendering with AVIF: Optimized images for fast loading and efficient rendering without compromising quality.

Experience the difference in screenshot quality today and elevate your visual testing with Argos.

Monitoring Mode

Argos Monitoring Mode

We have added a new feature: Monitoring Mode. This mode helps you track visual changes over time or before a release, providing additional assurance for your projects.

  • Periodic Visual Checks: Set up Monitoring Mode to run visual tests periodically (e.g., daily or weekly) on a specific branch. This ensures any unexpected visual changes are detected early.
  • Pre-release Validation: Use Monitoring Mode to run visual checks on your release branch, comparing the current state with the last approved build to ensure everything looks as expected before the final deployment.
  • Post-deployment Monitoring: Configure Monitoring Mode to run after each deployment to staging or production environments to catch any discrepancies caused by environmental differences.
  • Third-party Integrations: Regularly check the visual integration points of third-party services or widgets to ensure they remain consistent and do not disrupt the user experience.

For detailed instructions on how to use Monitoring Mode, please refer to our documentation.

Improved Handling of Test Retries

Retried failures in Argos

Recognizing the critical importance of stability in continuous integration, Argos has introduced a dedicated section for handling retried test failures. This update is in direct response to your valuable feedback, aimed at minimizing disruptions and maximizing team productivity.

With this enhancement, you can still review the screenshots of test retries without cluttering your workspace with test failures that have finally passed.

Start experiencing the benefits of this refined approach today, and let us know your thoughts as we continue to refine and evolve Argos.

Google Authentication

Google Auth with Argos

Argos now supports Google Authentication, offering users a streamlined and secure way to log in. This feature enables signing in with a Google account, eliminating the need for separate passwords and leveraging Google's advanced security protections. The integration is designed to enhance both convenience and safety for Argos users, reflecting ongoing improvements to the platform.

To get started, choose "Sign in with Google" on the login page. Feedback on this new feature is welcome as Argos continues to evolve and introduce new functionalities.

Advanced diff approval

Advanced diff approval

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to Argos: the Advanced Diff Approval Mechanism. This update is focused on providing users with the ability to meticulously manage individual changes, ensuring that each diff receives the attention it deserves.

What's New:

  • Accept or Reject Individual Diffs: Elevating the precision of your review process, this feature allows team members to mark each diff as accepted or rejected. This level of detail ensures that every visual change is intentionally reviewed, streamlining the approval workflow.

  • Efficient Review Tracking: With the introduction of clear visual indicators for each diff's status, it's now easier to keep track of what's been reviewed and what still needs attention. This enhancement is designed to keep your review process organized and efficient.

  • Comprehensive Approval Overview: A new, intuitive overview in the header provides immediate insight into the review status of all diffs. This summary includes counts of accepted, rejected, and pending diffs, offering a quick snapshot of your project's visual review progress.

By facilitating a more detailed review process, we're helping teams maintain a high standard of visual quality and consistency across their projects. This update underscores our commitment to providing powerful tools that support your visual testing needs.

Enhanced batch progress visualization

Enhanced visualization of batch progress on the Argos build page

Argos now enriches your experience on the build page by displaying the progression of batches. This feature aims to provide immediate insights into the status of your builds, specifically highlighting if a build is pending due to a batch failure. It's designed to streamline your debugging process, ensuring you can quickly identify and address issues.

Furthermore, we've introduced detailed explanations for parallel builds marked as expired. This addition is geared towards offering clarity on your build's status, enhancing your ability to troubleshoot effectively.

Illustration showing a build aborted due to prolonged waiting time for all batches, with a detailed status of received 8/10 batches for nonce build-13.

Our commitment to improving your debugging experience remains unwavering. We believe these enhancements will significantly aid in your development workflow, making it more efficient and less error-prone.

GitHub Single Sign-On

GitHub SSO Settings in Argos Team

Introducing GitHub Single Sign-On (SSO) for Argos: Streamlining access and integration between your Argos team and your GitHub organization for improved security and seamless member synchronization.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Connect your Argos team with your GitHub organization to sync membership automatically.
  • Easy Activation: Enable the GitHub SSO feature directly from your team settings with a simple "Enable and Pay" action.
  • Improved Security: Strengthen your team's access control with GitHub's authentication mechanisms.
  • Simple Deactivation: Disable the GitHub SSO feature at any time from your team settings.

GitHub SSO is available exclusively to Stripe subscribers at a cost of $50/month.

This feature is part of our commitment to providing powerful, secure tools for managing your Argos visual testing workflows. Enhance your team's management and security by enabling GitHub SSO today.

New changes trigger

Added and removed screenshot from Argos in GitHub commit status

We've listened to your input on how changes to screenshots within Argos should impact your workflow. With our latest update, Argos now treats the addition and removal of screenshots as diffs. This change ensures that any modifications to your visual assets are highlighted and require user approval, enhancing your control over visual consistency across your projects.

  • Added and removed screenshots in your repositories will now trigger an error status on GitHub and GitLab, drawing attention to visual changes.
  • These diffs will require manual approval from a user, ensuring that all visual changes are intentional and reviewed.
  • This update allows teams to maintain a high standard of visual quality and consistency, as any alterations to screenshots are explicitly flagged and reviewed.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful tools for visual testing, ensuring that Argos remains at the forefront of visual regression testing technologies.