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Detect bugs
without writing any test

Argos is a testing platform built for developers,
it compares screenshots of your web applications to detect visual regressions.

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What is Argos?

Visual testing powered by CI

Compare your pull requests screenshots with baseline to secure your delivery. Designed to fit seamlessly in your development routine.

Take screenshots
Use one of Argos’ many integrations to take screenshots or do it yourself.
Upload screenshots
Add one command in your CI to upload screenshots to Argos.
Review changes
Get status on your pull-requests and use Argos to review and approve changes.
Argos Integrations
Easy integration

Compatible with your stack

Argos offers integrations (SDK) for the most famous frameworks, testing libraries, and CI providers. As long as you can take screenshots, you can use Argos.

Unified platform
Universal testing

Review websites, apps and components together

Use Argos to secure whole pages and individual components from regressions on several resolutions and browsers. Use a single tool for visual testing.

"Argos helps us every day to avoid regression on all MUI components."
Olivier Tassinari
Olivier Tassinari
Co-founder & CEO of MUI

Trusted by the best front-end teams
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Open source

Join the community

Argos is open source and community driven. Supported by a network of early advocates, contributors, and champions.

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