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Invoiced Customers

Purchase Argos plan for GitHub invoiced account.

If an invoiced GitHub account tries to subscribe to Argos' paid plan on GitHub Marketplace, the following message will be displayed. However, we offer an alternative payment method through Stripe for these customers.

"Unfortunately, invoiced customers cannot purchase paid plans on the GitHub Marketplace."
— GitHub error message

Subscribe via Stripe

Go to the organization to upgrade and click on the "Settings" tab. Then, click on the "Subscribe to plan using Stripe" link to display pricing list.

Why you can't find the "Settings" tab?
  • You are in "Repository Settings" instead of "Organization Settings".
  • You don't have the required authorizations to access this organization's settings. Update your access on GitHub or ask for help from an organization's admin.
Why you can't find the "Subscribe to plan using Stripe" link?

The "Subscribe to plan using Stripe" link will not be visible if you have already subscribed to a plan on GitHub Marketplace. In order to subscribe via Stripe, you must first cancel your current plan on GitHub. Please note that canceling your plan will not affect your Argos organization, repositories, or builds.

Organization settings

Choose a plan and you will be redirected to the Stripe payment platform. Please note that there is a discount available for yearly plans.

Stripe prices table

Upon completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the invoice.

Manage your subscription on Stripe

If you purchased your Argos subscription via Stripe, you can manage it on the "Stripe Customer Portal." From there, you will have the ability to:

  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan
  • Change your payment method and billing address
  • Cancel your subscription

To access the portal, go to your organization's settings and click "Manage your subscription on Stripe."

Manage Stripe link

If you encounter any issues with the Stripe subscription tunnel, please do not hesitate to contact us.