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Parallel Testing

Boost test suite efficiency with Argos Parallel Testing: Automate and streamline concurrent test executions across multiple environments effortlessly.


Argos seamlessly integrates with Playwright, offering out-of-the-box support for Playwright tests sharding. This means zero configuration hassle for you. For more details, refer to the Argos Playwright SDK.

Other SDKs

For environments beyond Playwright, Argos facilitates sharding through two key environment variables, simplifying the setup:

  • ARGOS_PARALLEL_TOTAL: Specifies the number of parallel nodes. It's crucial to ensure equal calls to Argos upload across these nodes.
  • ARGOS_PARALLEL_NONCE: A unique identifier for each build. In most CI environments, Argos will automatically generate this for you.

Note: Alternatively, use --parallel-nonce and --parallel-total flags with the CLI or parallel: { nonce: string, total: number } within SDK options.

Implementing in GitHub Actions

Below is a practical example showcasing how to configure Argos sharding within a GitHub Actions workflow:

- name: Upload screenshots to
continue-on-error: true
ARGOS_PARALLEL_TOTAL: ${{ strategy['job-total'] }}
# ARGOS_PARALLEL_NONCE is automatically detected

run: npm exec argos upload --parallel ./screenshots