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Injecting CSS

Enhance Argos screenshots with custom CSS: Perfect for addressing flaky tests or complex scenarios, ensuring your visual diffs are precise and reliable.

In addition to built-in helpers, Argos offers the possibility to add custom CSS evaluated during the screenshot process. It can be helpful for complex use cases that produce flaky visual diffs.

Add CSS while taking the screenshot

All our SDKs support an argosCSS option that allows you to specify custom CSS evaluated during the screenshot process. The style will be removed from the page after the screenshot is taken.

// Usage in Playwright or Puppeteer
await argosScreenshot(page, "my-screenshot", {
argosCSS: `iframe { display: none; }`,

// Usage in Cypress
cy.argosScreenshot("my-screenshot", {
argosCSS: `iframe { display: none; }`,

Add CSS in your code

Argos adds a __argos__ class to the HTML element during screenshots. You can target this class in your CSS for Argos-specific styling.

.__argos__ iframe {
display: none;

This feature enhances control over the visual testing environment, helping to manage complex scenarios or resolve flaky visual differences.