New updates and improvements to Argos.

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Added and removed screenshot from Argos in GitHub commit status

We've listened to your input on how changes to screenshots within Argos should impact your workflow. With our latest update, Argos now treats the addition and removal of screenshots as diffs. This change ensures that any modifications to your visual assets are highlighted and require user approval, enhancing your control over visual consistency across your projects.

  • Added and removed screenshots in your repositories will now trigger an error status on GitHub and GitLab, drawing attention to visual changes.
  • These diffs will require manual approval from a user, ensuring that all visual changes are intentional and reviewed.
  • This update allows teams to maintain a high standard of visual quality and consistency, as any alterations to screenshots are explicitly flagged and reviewed.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful tools for visual testing, ensuring that Argos remains at the forefront of visual regression testing technologies.