New updates and improvements to Argos.

Enhanced batch progress visualization

Enhanced visualization of batch progress on the Argos build page

Argos now enriches your experience on the build page by displaying the progression of batches. This feature aims to provide immediate insights into the status of your builds, specifically highlighting if a build is pending due to a batch failure. It's designed to streamline your debugging process, ensuring you can quickly identify and address issues.

Furthermore, we've introduced detailed explanations for parallel builds marked as expired. This addition is geared towards offering clarity on your build's status, enhancing your ability to troubleshoot effectively.

Illustration showing a build aborted due to prolonged waiting time for all batches, with a detailed status of received 8/10 batches for nonce build-13.

Our commitment to improving your debugging experience remains unwavering. We believe these enhancements will significantly aid in your development workflow, making it more efficient and less error-prone.