New updates and improvements to Argos.

Advanced diff approval

Advanced diff approval

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to Argos: the Advanced Diff Approval Mechanism. This update is focused on providing users with the ability to meticulously manage individual changes, ensuring that each diff receives the attention it deserves.

What's New:

  • Accept or Reject Individual Diffs: Elevating the precision of your review process, this feature allows team members to mark each diff as accepted or rejected. This level of detail ensures that every visual change is intentionally reviewed, streamlining the approval workflow.

  • Efficient Review Tracking: With the introduction of clear visual indicators for each diff's status, it's now easier to keep track of what's been reviewed and what still needs attention. This enhancement is designed to keep your review process organized and efficient.

  • Comprehensive Approval Overview: A new, intuitive overview in the header provides immediate insight into the review status of all diffs. This summary includes counts of accepted, rejected, and pending diffs, offering a quick snapshot of your project's visual review progress.

By facilitating a more detailed review process, we're helping teams maintain a high standard of visual quality and consistency across their projects. This update underscores our commitment to providing powerful tools that support your visual testing needs.