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Open Source

At Argos, we understand the value of open source projects and want to do our part in fostering and supporting the growth of the open source community.

Qualification for Sponsorship

To consider your project for sponsorship, Argos requires that the following conditions are met:

The project must not be for commercial use.

  • The project must be open source.
  • The project's usage of Argos falls within reasonable use limits.
  • The project must be willing to include the Argos banner below in the source repository's file.
  • The project should use a UTM tag in the format ?utm_source=[team-name]&utm_campaign=oss for the banners.
Argos badge

How to Apply for Sponsorship

If you wish to apply for sponsorship for your OSS (Open Source Software) project, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your project fulfills all the sponsorship conditions outlined above.
  2. Ensure that your project needs this level of sponsorship. Our free plan is quite generous and is often sufficient for smaller projects.
  3. Send us an email at In the email, confirm that your project meets all the sponsorship criteria and explain why the free tier of Argos doesn't cover your project's needs. Please include your Argos team slug and a link to your open source repository in the email.